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Primary Classes

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Primary classes

Trillium International School's curriculum is based on the UK National Curriculum adapted to the local community in order to respect the wide range of needs of the French and international population. 

From year 1 to year 3, children have 6 hours of French to follow the National French program. In year 5 & 6, pupils have 9 hours of French to reinforce their French level for those who want to enter French middle schools.


From next year we will be able to split the year 5/6 in order to follow 2 curriculums. For those who want to enter a French middle school, children will follow 9 hours of French every week.

But for those who move to a foreign country, children will be offer to follow a full British curriculum.

The school will use to follow the curriculum : 

- Spelling/reading (Pre-primary/Y1) : Jolly Phonics + ORT

- Spelling/vocabulary : Spelling rules books

- Reading comprehension/vocabulary : Wordly wise + ORT + Usborn novels

- Grammar : Grammar pupil book

- Mathematics : Singapore method + Kumon Program

Our teachers will deliver a superior level of achievement while continuing to focus a child’s needs.

Academic subjects covered during English class include:

  • Language and Literature,

  • Mathematics,

  • Science,

  • History / Geography,

  • Art,

  • IT and computers skills. 

Children will use Ipads in order to vary supports of learning. 

Teachers will use flipped classroom system for different subjects as History / Geography/ science.

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