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  • To provide children with a bilingual, bicultural approach in order to equip them with the necessary skills and succeed in a global society.


  • To be an eco-school, raising awareness with respect for the environment and sustainable development by encouraging contact in nature;


  • To impart the values of respect and mutual understanding, honesty, cooperation, empathy and open-mindedness.


  • To empower all types of learning, to encourage and support their individuality within an innovative and challenging environment


  • To promote communication with parents is an important part for success of children.






  • All children can be successful.


  • All children learn differently.


  • All children should have a voice within their educational journey.


  • All children can be creative and reflective.


  • All children can demonstrate initiative and leadership.


  • Learning also happens beyond classroom walls.


  • Students have the ability to promote positive change within the global community.


  • Students, parents, and school must work together for the common good of the T.I.S community.







  • To promote intellectual curiosity and personal achievement while encouraging each student’s individuality and unique differences;


  • To teach in small groups, based on the Montessori method, to fulfil children’s autonomy, responsibility, self confidence, self esteem;


  • To empower responsibility, cooperation, and leadership in placing children in an innovative and challenging community environment;


  • To enable each child to achieve his or her potential in English, in tandem and complement to their French national curriculum studies in order to succeed in that global society,






  • Offer innovative, yet challenging, international curriculum;


  • Prepare students academically for a Middle school whether it be within an international, Francophone or Anglophone system;


  • Prepare students to be global and active citizens;


  • Empower children to be in the technological age




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